Our Story

The Cherry Blossom Bridal story began when I shopped for my own wedding dress in 2010 and found myself being repeatedly disappointed by the experience.  I dreaded shopping for my gown.  Shopping with friends so many times only to be relegated to the small and usually poorly-stocked "women's" section of a store, and that is when plus-size selections were scarcely available at all.  I was lucky to find an occasional size 18 or 20 A-line in most bridal salons, and when I did, it usually looked just like the one and only gown the last salon had but with embellishment in a different spot.  While admiring styles online I fell in love with a gown from designer Maggie Sottero and called every salon from Baltimore to West Virginia looking for one to try on in a size 16 or larger.  After a disappointing day of calls not yielding results, I broke down and took my very slim, but shapely, sister to a local salon to try on the dress I loved in a size 8 (reasoning that at least I was seeing it on a woman with hips).   A good friend convinced me that I shouldn’t settle for a gown I couldn’t try on so my arduous quest continued.

My disappointing shopping experiences resulted in the light bulb going off that I could serve a bride like me - and a bride like YOU - better.  My dream was to create an environment focused on dedicated service where brides ranging from size 8-28 could see, feel, and try on beautiful fashion-forward gowns constructed of luxurious fabrics.  My dream is now your reality focused on making the experience of shopping for the gown you will wear on one of the most special days of your life pleasantly enjoyable. 

The moments that make me happiest is seeing the amazing faces of my brides light up when they find the gowns of their dreams. 


~ Keba Riley Marshall

Owner, Cherry Blossom Bridal